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Live Streaming.

Our webcast engineers understand the challenges of organising an event, whether it’s a small educational seminar or major international conference. We provide tailored solutions and take care of all the details to make it easier for you to concentrate on making your event a success.

Advantages of Live webcasting include:

  • information is real time and available on demand 24/7
  • message to the recipient is virtually the same as personal contact
  • time and place plays no role
  • time- and cost-efficient management
  • interference-free, clear communication
  • sustainable business practices
  • innovative & modern method of communication

Our webcast features include:

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Your logo and branding in the video
  • Names and affiliations of presenters displayed in-stream, in real-time
  • Slides, PowerPoint presentations or pre-recorded videos in full-screen or split-screen mode
  • Flash-based, embeddable video player that requires no separate installation to watch and can be placed on any website
  • Compatibility with PCs, Macs and all major browsers
  • On-demand event recording, available online within one day of the event
  • Real-time Q&A that meets your needs – you have total control over what questions appear
  • Social network integration, including with Twitter and Facebook
  • A customized viewing page on the ExpoTV website
  • Statistics about who watched your event, and for how long
  • board and provincial council meetings
  • press conferences
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • product presentations
  • crisis communication
  • analysts’ meetings
  • AGM webcasts or shareholders’ meeting
  • employment market communication
  • internal communication
  • refresher training & accreditation
  • training & education
  • public relations events
  • fashion shows
  • live concerts
  • church and worship services
  • sporting and surfing events
  • Medical online education
  • Expert advisory panels and many more

Hands on mix

Our services include:

  • Live webcasting – for instant communication and maximum impact. More people can attend without having to travel, saving you time and money.
  • On-demand webcasts – offers your viewers flexibility and convenience to watch anytime in the future.
  • Pay-per-view events – if you charge your viewers for education, training and entertainment.
  • Pay-per-subscription events
  • Consulting, training and support if you choose to set up an in-house system to broadcast and record your events. We will help you select the best products for your needs and teach you how to use them effectively.
  • Digital rights management – we protect your video footage and its content against hijacking.

We’ll tailor a complete solution whatever the type of event and size of audience. This can include one camera or multiple cameras, and vision mixers to fully capture the occasion. If PowerPoint is part of the presentation, we offer synchronised slides that match the streaming video.

In order to ensure ease of access for your viewers, our webcasts are compatible with all platforms – PC, Mac – and all formats – Flash, Real Player, Windows Media Player.

For maximum viewing of live events, we provide a web link that can be displayed and emailed in advance, so that any audience queries can be answered.

We offer a lot that isn’t listed here as well.  If you have a question about our webcasts, please contact us.

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